Manual Digital Holography and Three-Dimensional Display: Principles and Applications

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  3. Digital holographic microscopy

Imaging scanning fluorescence emission difference microscopy based on a detector array. Brightness improvement by polarization modulation in the aerial imaging by retro-reflection AIRR. Imaging innovations for wide-field, high-resolution microscopy. Depth rendering of large incoherent scenes from integral images.

Omnifocus image synthesis using lens swivel. Sigrist, Eric Fertein, and Weidong Chen.

Digital Holography and Three-Dimensional Display | SpringerLink

Experimental investigation of a thermo-field bimetal deformable mirror with aluminum base. Enhancement of sensitivity using double cascaded triangular ring resonators DTRR sensor based on Vernier effect. DLAS-based measurement of water film thickness in retro-reflection. Space-variant defocused content removal in Photon-counted volumetric datasets. Multiple-3D-object encryption based on the three-step phase shifting method and one single interference.

Jun Yong Park, Maxwell C. A inch adaptive augmented reality display using a dot polarizer array and an LCD panel.

Table of contents

Parallel phase-shifting digital holography system using dual polarization-imaging cameras for 3D imaging of transparent dynamic object. Experimental interference encryption based on computergenerated holograms. Optimization of holograms for application in automotive headlamps with LED illumination. Holograms Deep Inside Silicon. Using traditional glass plate holograms to study visual perception of future digital holographic displays.

Taina M. Reilly, and Thomas J. Monitoring MDCK cell vesicles by digital holographic microscopy and image processing. Accelerated phase retrieval using intermediate planes. Characterization of inclusions in a droplet with digital holography in a misaligned system: modelling. Iterative phase retrieval imaging based on variable wavefront curvature for biomedical imaging.

Digital Holographic Microscopy in the Presence of Refraction. Hybrid pixel mapping reconstruction method of axially distributed integral imaging. Depth map based angular spectrum method for computer-generated hologram from real scene. Multimodal characterisation of a novel one-step process generated diffractive element. Achimova, V. Abaskin, D. Claus, G. Pedrini, A. Prisacar, and G. Image-reconstruction algorithm with no use of Fourier transform in interferometric imaging using spatial frequency-division multiplexing.

Mutual Coherence Matrix Holography. Estimation of spectral transmittance from RGB image in color digital holographic microscopy using speckle method. Kakarenko, I. Ducin, M. Makowski, J. Suszek, A. Kowalczyk, J. Bolek, and M. Explaining shape of two beam interference fringes using diffraction-Lloyd mirror interferometer. Common-path digital holography microscopy of buried semiconductor specimen.

Digital holographic microscopy

Time-resolved digital holography for nonlinear refraction index measurements. Multi-layered Display using Plural High-definition Panels. Phase reliability evaluation method using correlation function.

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Holographic projection head mounted display with transparent volume hologram. Holographic method of topography measurement based on interference of spherical reference and quasi — spherical object beams. High-resolution and perfect imaging by image-plane digital holography with a very small dimension CCD camera. This OSA annual topical meeting covers the areas of interferometry, phase microscopy, novel holographic processes, 3-D and novel displays, integral imaging, computer generated holograms, compressive holography, full-field tomography, and holography with various light sources including coherent to incoherent and X-ray to terahertz waves.

Login or Create Account. Allow All Cookies. Peter J. Red Blood Cells are bio-lenses with tunable focal length L. Miccio, P. Memmolo, F. Merola, M. Mugnano, and P. Ferraro DM3I. Grare, D. Brunel, G. Perret, and G. New developments in ultrasound-modulated optical tomography made by heterodyne holography A.

Principles and Applications

Brodoline, D. Donnarumma, and M. Gross DT1E. Enhanced resolution using Fresnel incoherent correlation holography with structured illumination Yuval Kashter, A. Enhanced Single random phase holographic image encryption P. Tsang DT2E. Efficient holographic multi-site two-photon fluorescence for functional calcium imaging of neuronal circuits Michael Lawrence Castanares, Vini Gautam, Hans Bachor, and Vincent R.

Daria DT4G. Shaked DT4G. Nguyen DTh1E. Application of wavefront shaping techniques for diffraction optical elements synthesis Nikolay V. Petrov DTh1E. Detection of photoinduced transformations in live HeLa cells by means of digital holographic micro-interferometry A. Zhikhoreva DTh1I. Kimball DTh2E. Guildenbecher and Paul E. Sojka DTh2E. DTh3C - Metrology and Profilometry. Georges DTh3C. Anisimov, Maria G.

Serikova, and Roger M. Groves DTh3C. Shaked DTh3C. Onglao and Percival F. Almoro DTh3C. DTh3E - Metrology and Profilometry. Studying open channels by digital holography N. Verrier, L. Depreater, D. Felbacq, and M. Gross DTh4C. Bergmann DTh4E. Spadaccini DW1D. Watnik, Paul S. Lebow, James R. Banerjee DW1H. Bergmann DW1H. Digital Mach-Zehnder holographic interferometer using pulsed laser for analyzing large flow fields Jean-Michel Desse and F. Olchewsky DW1H. Heimbeck and Henry O.

Live Hologram - Holographic 3D Digital Projection Explained - By Christie

Everitt DW2E. Computational refocusing in phase-resolved confocal microscopy M. Carney DW2H. Hyperspectral image plane holography in white light applied to quantitative phase microscopy S. Obviously, we are not there yet, but advances in 3-D display allow us to make important steps towards the Holy Grail. The theme of this book is to organize a collection of key chapters that covers digital holography and 3-D display techniques so as to provide the reader with the state-of-the-art developments in these important areas around the world.

Computer-Generated Holography. Partial Pixe. A 11 7 , Schnars, T. Kreis, and W. Mundt and T. Kreis, "Digital holographic recording and reconstruction of large scale objects for metrology and display," Opt. Muffoletto, J. Tyle, and J. Tohline, "Shifted Fresnel diffraction for computational holography," Opt. Express 15 9 , Moon, M. Daneshpanah, A.

Anand, and B. Javidi, "Cell Identification with computational 3-D holographic microscopy," Opt. Photonics News 22 6 , Shimobaba, N. Masuda, Y.

Ichihashi, and T. Ito, "Real-time digital holographic microscopy observable in multi-view and multiresolution," J. DaneshPanah, S. Zwick, F. Schaal, M.

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Warber, B. Javidi, and W. Osten, "3D holographic imaging and trapping for non-invasive cell identification and tracking," J. Kreis, M. Adams, and W. Kujawinska, and M. Taked, eds. SPIE, Washington, Kreis, P. Aswendt, and R. Rodriguez-Vera, and R. Diaz-Uribe, eds. Rogers, "Artificial holograms and astigmatism," P. Roy Soc. A 63 22 , Brown and A. Lee, "Sampled Fourier transform hologram generated by computer," Appl.

Optics 9, Chu, J. Fienup, and J. Goodman, "Multi-emulsion, onaxis, computer generated hologram," Appl.