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  1. Field Test of the XD-E Hammer-Fired DA-SA 9mm
  2. Single-Action Safety
  3. Double-Action Revolver: Secret To The Trigger
  4. Gun Digest’s Double Action Trigger Concealed Carry eShort by Grant Cunningham - Book - Read Online

With a single-action revolver, the hammer must be pulled back i.

Personal Defense Network: Understanding Double/Single Action Hand Guns

Not all revolvers have external hammers, but many do. Gun Digest photo.

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However, single-action revolvers are old hat. Most modern revolvers are…. With double-action revolvers, the shooter can just pull the trigger without cocking the hammer first. Either way, the primary method double-action revolvers use to prevent accidental discharges is in the trigger pull.

Unlike other firearms, these triggers offer more resistance. But take my word for it. A character would just pull the trigger to fire.

Field Test of the XD-E Hammer-Fired DA-SA 9mm

Write it that way. Have the character cock the hammer first, then fire, then cock the hammer again, then fire again. Repeat until the ammunition runs out. Note that not all revolvers are six-shooters. Have the character pull the trigger. Depict the character firing the revolver and leave it at that. So long as the story is moving forward, no one will notice.

Single-Action Safety

None other than David Morrell , creator of Rambo and author of piles of awesome novels , wrote in a character switching the safety off a revolver. I had foolishly decided at the last minute the very last minute, because the novel was at the galley stage, my final opportunity for corrections that there were a lot of semi-automatic handguns in the book and for variety maybe I should change one of them to a revolver.

So, presto, a semi-automatic pistol became a revolver. Pressing that allows the cylinder to swing open. The holes inside the cylinder are called chambers. There are six chambers in this example. Shutterstock photo. If you assigned revolvers to your characters, how did you do it? Pick up a print or digital copy from these fine retailers:. As a novelist w. I review mysteries for OverMyDeadBody. Please check out my website. Tom Wright put me on to you. Like Liked by 1 person.

Why Are These The Best Concealed Carry Guns of 12222?

Thanks for stopping by, Sam. The Glock thing kills me every time.

So even a writer putting in an honest effort at researching can get confused. Like Like. Just finished a book where a character knew the bad guy was serious about shooting him, because the hammer was back on his Glock! I just remember reading about it in one of the gun magazines. Also, for years I was very confused when I watched the Maltese Falcon and Humphrey Bogart called what was obviously a revolver an automatic or maybe it was semi-automatic. That was until I discovered the Webly-Foster automatic revolver.

Then everything made sense. I need to watch that again to catch that reference.

My Webley Mark Iv. Ben, the reference in the movie was accurate. The character Sam Spade identifies the gun as belonging to his partner. One of the writers for the movie was Dashiell Hammett who was also the author of the book.

Double-Action Revolver: Secret To The Trigger

Choosing the one that works for you is largely a matter of personal taste, but there are some important differences among the guns listed above. Barrel length was already mentioned; the LCP, RM and Bodyguard all have barrels that are relatively short and make them easy to conceal. Gun design and action operation are also important considerations. The guns listed above are double-action, double-action-only DAO , single-action and striker-fired pistols. Striker-fired guns, for instance, offer a consistent trigger pull.

Double-actions, though, offer more assurance against hard primers; if a round fails to fire because of a hard primer, you can simply pull the trigger once more, and the hammer will strike again. Single-action guns require the shooter to operate the safety before firing, but with some practice that becomes intuitive, especially if you only carry one firearm. In short, you can rest assured that none of the guns listed here will be too heavy for daily carry.

Gun Digest’s Double Action Trigger Concealed Carry eShort by Grant Cunningham - Book - Read Online

The guns on the list measure from 5. Concealment with any of these firearms is only an issue under the lightest, tightest clothing. Having two extra rounds offers more time between reloads, which is a serious consideration in a self-defense situation. Watch Tactical Shit TV. Listen to Our Podcasts. Shop Our Store.