Manual Multifunctional Mesoporous Inorganic Solids

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Louis C. Brousseau, Katsunori Aoki, Maurie E. Garcia, Guang Cao, Thomas E. Jimenez-Lopez, P. Maireles-Torres, P. Olivera-Pastor, E. Rodriguez-Castellon, A. Deborah J. Jones, Thierry Cassagneau, Jacques Roziere. Metal-Organic Precursors. Inorganic Precursors. Brito, I. Paiva, C. Studies of Clay Modified Electrodes.

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Caldeira, C. Sol-Gel Processed Coatings. To NOA image database Close. How to get this document? Open Access Version.

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Document information Title:. Multifunctional mesoporous hollow silica nanocapsules for targeted co-delivery of cisplatin-pemetrexed and MR imaging.

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Dalton Transactions. Table of contents — Volume 43, Issue 42 Show all volumes and issues Tables of content are generated automatically and are based on records of articles contained that are available in the TIB-Portal index. Elucidation of inorganic reaction mechanisms in ionic liquids: the important role of solvent donor and acceptor properties. Enhanced association for C70 over C60 with a metal complex with corannulene derivate ligands. Synthesis, crystal structure and optical properties of a naphthylbisimide-Ni complex: a framework on TiO2 for visible light H2 production.

Structural modulation in two CuII-based MOFs by synergistic assembly involving the mixed-ligand synthetic strategy and the solvent effect.

Ultrasmall NHC-coated gold nanoparticles obtained through solvent free thermolysis of organometallic Au i complexes. Synthesis, structures and stability of amido gold III complexes with 2,2prime:6prime,2primeprime-terpyridine. Stoichiometric reductions of alkyl-substituted ketones and aldehydes to borinic esters. Synthesis and characterization of b-triketimine cobalt complexes and their behaviour in the polymerization of 1,3-butadiene.

Synthesis of DMF-protected Au NPs with different size distributions and their catalytic performance in the Ullmann homocoupling of aryl iodides. Reactivity of boryllithium with AlMe3, AlEt3, and GaMe3, including the synthesis of a lanthanum heterogallate complex.

Unit Cell - Simple Cubic, Body Centered Cubic, Face Centered Cubic Crystal Lattice Structures

Tetraphenylethylene-based phosphine: tuneable emission and carbon dioxide fixation. Inorganic—organic hybrid silica based tin complex as a novel, highly efficient and recyclable heterogeneous catalyst for the one-pot preparation of spirooxindoles in water. Novel cyanamide ZnII complexes and zinc ii -mediated hydration of the cyanamide ligands. Synthesis and crystal structure of a series of incommensurately modulated composite oxohalide compounds.

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Novel cycloheptatrienyl zirconium complexes with tri-, tetra- and pentasubstituted cyclopentadienyl ligands. DMSO containing ruthenium ii hydrazone complexes: in vitro evaluation of biomolecular interaction and anticancer activity. If you are the author of this article you do not need to formally request permission to reproduce figures, diagrams etc. If you are the author of this article you still need to obtain permission to reproduce the whole article in a third party publication with the exception of reproduction of the whole article in a thesis or dissertation.

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