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  1. The Borgias: Power and Fortune by Paul Strathern, review: sex, violence and clichéd writing
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Learn more and compare subscriptions. Or, if you are already a subscriber Sign in. Close drawer menu Financial Times International Edition. Search the FT Search. The roles of characters who are strange or morally enigmatic have come to him, he went on, partly by accident, or because he has a reputation for playing them, and partly because he has sought them out.

The Borgias: Power and Fortune by Paul Strathern, review: sex, violence and clichéd writing

The new Showtime mini-series, created by Neil Jordan, is about the corrupt Borgias family of the Renaissance. No one is grayer than Rodrigo Borgia, who bought the papacy in a rigged election, had numerous mistresses and fathered four children yet was also a skilled diplomat and renowned patron of the arts. There was no Gibbon or Niall Ferguson to write about the Borgias, and so they become a little demonized.

He added that what he found interesting in writing the script was that once Rodrigo was put in the context of his family, he remained attractive no matter how evil he became. Irons said that in researching the part he made a list of all the qualities attributed to Rodrigo Borgia.

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Maybe from different vantage points all those adjectives could be seen to be the truth. I never judge. I just try to link all those attributes.

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View all New York Times newsletters. You had absolutely no idea what that character was thinking. About playing the pope, a character who is always being deferred to while being lugged around on a throne or gliding through his palace in robes, Mr.

The Borgias Season 3: Tease - Lookahead

Did he do it or not? Tell us what you think. But then, there's no real explanation for any of it.

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Like all the best international costume epics, The Borgias couldn't give a stuffed fig about sense. Subtlety is allowed to make only the feeblest of interjections, before being drowned out by the incessant hammering of non-secular buttocks. It's all about The Drama.

The Borgias: epic silliness | Television & radio | sumefapopyqi.tk

And if The Drama demands a scene in which a wincing Vatican lackey examines the pope's genitals "habet duos testiculos et bene pendentes" , or a bit in which Cesare paws silently at Lucrezia's chin on a lawn while she pouts and makes dolphin noises at his beard, then so be it. Ours is not to reason why. Ours is but to marvel at the spectacle of a production that does to 15th century Italy what The Tudors did to the Tudors.

That is: work it into a lather; then add bums.

Does the prospect of this "The Borgias" fill you with paroxysms of delight?